How Reiki Works

All living beings are born with connection to vital “source” energy and, thus, the ability to self-heal from illness and disease...if given half a chance.  

Unfortunately, over time we become disconnected as we continually collect toxins from everything we absorb. Food, drink, medications and environmental conditions incompatible with our bodies plus mental/emotional factors such as the influences around us, our life experiences and all the things we have learned along the way contribute to the disconnect.

Our connection to source energy becomes “clogged up.”

Reiki is enabled through a trained practitioner who acts as a conduit for the source energy, allowing it to flow from the practitioner to the recipient through their hands.  This method increases the natural latent healing energy within us all to detoxify, ultimately restoring balance to the whole person: body, mind and spirit.

Reiki can help alleviate pain, stress, exhaustion, anxiety, fear, worry, emotional imbalances and unwanted habits.  Reiki has great practical value as a complement to conventional medical care and can accelerate recovery time from injury and illness. It is currently utilized in a variety of conventional care settings: Hospitals, pain clinics, hospice care, veteran care facilities and more.