Reiki for Balancing the Nervous System

Reiki for Balancing the Nervous System

One of the most immediate benefits of Reiki felt by most clients is reduction in stress and anxiety.  An overall feeling of wellness and balance.  This can often be felt after the very first session.


Why? Because Reiki restores Vital Energy.  As a restorative practice, Reiki is a wonderful method for up-regulating our parasympathetic nervous system, while calming down our sympathetic nervous system. 


Did you know that your adrenaline response can be triggered by simply the perception of stress?  Just about all daily life activities have become a source of pressure.  If you can change that perception, it is game changing on your nervous system.   


Autonomic Nervous System

There are two parts to this system.  Sympathetic – Flight, fight, freeze.  This is the “red zone.”  It is adrenaline/stress based.  Parasympathetic – Rest, digest, repair.  This is the “green zone.


The Red Zone

Being in the red zone influences everything.  Your body will:

  • Seek Glucose, because it’s fastest to burn (right for an “emergency situation”)
  • Prohibit Deep Restorative Sleep (to keep you aware and, therefore, safe)
  • Restrict Blood Supply to go to hair, skin and nails (non-essential processes)
  • Compromises Digestion (energy is prioritized and sent to fuel fight/flight mode)



The Green Zone

Being in the green zone does wonders for your system.  Your body will:

  • Burn Fat because it’s a slow, sustainable energy source
  • Promote Deep Restorative Sleep
  • Easily Supply Nutrients & Oxygen to all body processes
  • Prioritize Digestion


So How Do We Get Into the Green Zone?

Through restorative practices, like Reiki, that restore depleted Vital Energy.  Reiki allows your system to relax into deep belly breathing with longer exhales while receiving an inflow of Vital Energy.    

Deep belly breathing communicates to our body that we are calm and safe.  It’s an anti-adrenaline response.  Diaphragmatic breathing + restorative practices. 

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