Rob S., Granada Hills
Just had my first Reiki session with Anjuli. I had a major surgery a couple of weeks ago and I had been unable to sleep through the night. This was my first Reiki experience and it was really relaxing. Since then I have also been sleeping through the night again. I definitely recommend!
Kathy G., Moorpark
Loved my experience with Anjuli.  From walking up the stairs being greeted by a oak tree huge and welcoming.  I've had Reiki before but it's always new.  Felt so relaxed yet energized if that makes sense.  I was having a stressful week and not sleeping well.  That was a noticeable change and so so welcomed by me.  Colors seemed a little brighter..  really enjoyed my experience.
Anjuli is very simply a candid and intuitive energy healer. I met with Anjuli in 2017 when going through a difficult but exciting transition career-wise and personally. I was in the midst of making huge life-altering decisions. I've always been drawn to the spiritual, but highly apprehensive of the many "professionals" out there. When meeting with Anjuli, I felt an immediate surge of energy. It was both calm and intensely active. The session itself lasted about one hour. Anjuli talks with you in a comfortable way and you sense the connection she is making as a healer. That afternoon, a string of synchronicities happened showing me that the healing session was successful. It was a transformative experience. And months later, I am still reaping the benefits / learning. Anjuli stays in touch with me throughout this entire journey, checking in with me every so often, especially somehow on the days I needed it the most. Do not miss an opportunity to experience a healing session with Anjuli. Even if it is to browse her website, which has a wealth of information that informs and inspires. Thank you for all that you do Anjuli!!
Natasha S., Porter Ranch
“Although I have had many massages and acupuncture treatments, this was my first time doing Reiki ever.  Anjuli was very knowledgeable about the practice and was able to answer all my questions and concerns - from a practical point of view, not just spiritual.  She was extremely professional from start to end.  I went into the session with some stress from things going on that week.  Anjuli created a tranquil and comfortable environment and I was able to completely relax.  The day after the session, I wasn’t stressed anymore – settled, grounded, happy. I just felt good.  I would highly recommend her!”
Aman S.,U.K.
"After the treatment with Anjuli, I felt like my equilibrium had been restored. I felt somehow back on track. I had almost forgotten how powerful Reiki is, it was quite profound for me. I was blown away by it. Reiki is such a precious gift. Anjuli is a fantastic healer and I wholeheartedly recommend her."
Ameeta M., Moorpark
“Anjuli has an innate sense of calm and a true welcoming nature. Instantly you feel at ease and know you’re in for an amazing experience. She is very in-tune with your energy and actually feels the same mirrored aches and pain in her own body while she’s performing reiki. During one of my sessions with Anjuli, I had an intense headache caused by overwhelming stressors and about halfway through the session I literally felt the pain lift out through the top of my head. It was as if there was a vacuum above my body and it just lifted away. I felt immensely relaxed after the session. Another session (on a different day) Anjuli heard a ringing in her ears at the same time that I did! If that’s a not healer’s connection, I don’t know what is! She is in-tune, is thorough, and listens to what you’re going through. If you’re looking for a practitioner who truly has the authentic touch, you’ve found her! I look forward to each session with her and feel all aspects of my life are vibrationally at a higher level with the reiki from Anjuli.”

Shari P.,Westlake Village
“Anjuli is a very warm and caring soul and this, of course, is expressed in her reiki sessions. However, in my years of experience as a Licensed Acupuncturist, I have only encountered a rare few practitioners where the warmth of their hands so strongly radiates their healing energy. Anjuli is one of those rare and gifted healers.”